Tortuga 215 Cigar Review:

Tortuga Cigars - Tortuga 215 Cigar Review

Tortuga Cigars – Tortuga 215 Cigar Review


Tortuga cigars are constantly sought and hard to find because of their award winning attributes and high demand. The Tortuga Edicion Limitada 2011 is an outstanding achievement in today’s full-body cigar market. The Tortuga Edicion Limitada 2011 (also known asTortuga 215) offers a full-body strength which is complimented by its rich, well balanced blended perfection, with subtle hints of ripe blackberry, anise, white-pepper, black cherry oak and dark chocolate covered with smooth cream. This rare Tortuga Limited Edition is a true gift to experienced cigar aficionados seeking a collection of pearls to relish.

This cigar is often thought to be similar to Ashton VSG, but twice as good and half the price. Recently on – “I was impressed with this cigar. Flawless construction with a complex, balanced flavor profile that’s reminiscent of something out of the Davidoff stables. I liked it and can’t wait to try more.”…And again on – “Three words that best describe the Tortuga Edicion Limitada are smoothbalanced with a impeccable long finish…Perfect Medium-to-Full in strength and flavor make the smooth Tortuga Edicion Limitada 2011 a must try.”  .

These cigars can be purchased at and one of their comments- These Tortuga 215 Limited Edition cigars are some of the best cigars we have seen in recent years – a hidden jewel..

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