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Review of the Liga Privada T52 : Well here we go again with another cigar review, and since everyone is a expert at everything  these days I figure I should give it a try. My cigar background is I work at a cigar store and help sell cigars online, and I’ve been doing this for around 8+ years now, so I guess you can say that I’m pretty connected in the cigar world and seen some things here and there. I have seen and smoked everything from Cuban Davidoff’s to these overly hyped up  T52 Liga Privada cigars, so yes I do know what the hell I’m talking about.

The date is 3/23/12 and I have stopped smoking for about 6 months until today, the reason why I stopped smoking is because I run 5 miles every other day and work out a lot so I can chase and beat down the scumbags kids in my neighborhood that try to steal my shit stuff out of my car, and also I like to get laid every now and then.  This being my first day back to the cigar world I decided to smoke a Liga Privada  T52 Robusto cigar, we been seeing ridiculous hits on our website for these cigars over 2000 a month, and been hearing cigar smokers talk about these friggin things like J.C. made them himself and cast them down from heaven to all of us over-conservative cigar smokers, so I gave  the Liga Privada t52 Robusto’s a shot, and no I’m not gonna say I can taste wood and copper or any pussy stuff like that.

To all of you fly by night cigar reviewer dip-shits which is around a million and counting , a cigar does not taste like cooca,wood, or metal flakes jack asses; it either taste good or not.

When i first lit the Liga Privada T52 cigar my first impression was,  “ok this tastes a little different, and I’m not really doing back flips over this cigar”,  as i got about a inch into the cigar it started to give a little spicy kick, I could taste a little Spanish cedar which is great and not to many cigar companies can do that to their cigars. As for the wrapper on the cigar being dyed or infused with oil, YES this Liga Privada T52 cigar is absolutely died and infused with Oil. Tobacco does not grow, aged, or fermented into a black color even if it’s been aged for 1000 years.

Here is a picture from the box that was opened 4 days ago.

Half way through the Liga Privada T52 Robusto I noticed that ” OMG”  this cigar is almost AVERAGE , I was thinking it was going to be the best cigar i ever smoked because of all the hype and rarity of them. The Drew Estate company is treating these like a Opus X  like Fuente did in the Late 90’s and up to 2008 before the Obama tax and the crash of Wall Street; now in 2012 take a look a the Fuente cigars, and the Opus X  – nobody gives a shit.  The marketing plan does and will work for a few years but  it’s a double edge sword to be playing that game with the retailers.  For example: only 2-3 accounts in each state will get the all mighty Liga Privadas if you own a cigar store and you kiss ass you might get a few boxes here and there, but these are all over the net on web retailers cigar websites – great for Drew Estates but not good for the consumer or cigar store.

I know  all you 19 year old cigar experts are thinking that I’m a disgruntled cigar store owner that can’t get these cigars, but trust me that’s not it we sells these all the time and don’t have a problem getting most of the sizes when they are available, so come up with something else to put your 2 cents in or “just sayin” bullshit on the comment section.   The Liga Privada is not even that good, don’t get me wrong it’s a good cigar probably a solid 7 out of 10, but it’s not even close to any of the  Padron Anniversary cigars.

My outspoken opinion, and my opinion does count because I own this website,  is these cigars are average at best and the Liga Privada’s are not a big deal, if you can get them then great, but i would not waste my time, you should grab a Padron 45 Family Reserve.  Bottom Line: The Liga Privada T52 cigars are OVER-RATED.

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13 thoughts on “Review of the Liga Privada T52

  • Charlie

    I like your no BS style of cigar reviews! I tend to ignore the hype until I’ve tried it for myself. In this case, I’ve never tried a Liga Privada T52, but I’m not surprised they aren’t the be all, end all cigar.

    • Deficionado Post author

      Ya it’s a marketing game with most of these companies, sort of the like the Opus X. The liga’s are alright, but not anything special. They remind me of a Perdomo but twice the price. It’s a good position for drew estates since the FDA will shut down flavored cigars sooner or later I guess they need to start tapping into the maduro and natural market. The Cigar industry is the most fucked up industry I ever been in. These half-assed cigar companies think you should kiss their ass and give them money at the same time -Unbelievable.

      The industry is mostly ran off of ego with no business skills or common sense. I will give Drew Estate credit because they all do work hard, but enough with the glamor and bullshit please. Every year its a different company doing this and it pisses me off. Fuente did it for 15 years plus and look at them now, all the smart retailers hate them. Fuentes sales are down which they should be, and now they’re crying for sales. It couldn’t of happen to a better bunch of assholes. The Fuente rep would walk into your store and demand a 3,000.00 cigar order for all the garbage that wouldn’t sell like those shit Cuesta Reys and those annoying Quorum bundles that a retailer could not make any money off of, and if the Fuente Rep didn’t get that order you would not get any Hemingways, or chateaus. This is exactly what Drew Estates is doing right now, so Fuck Them and the Liga Privada’s.

  • Jimmy

    I came to this site to read about a cigar review. Instead I got to read a bunch of useless information that has made me dumber just by reading the above “review.”
    No one really cares about how many miles a day you run or how you like to pick on children. Better yet, no one cares that you like to get laid (except probably your boyfriend).
    Congratulations on being a self-proclaimed, well-connected person in the cigar-industry, too! You are the man! I hope this website gives you the attention that you clearly need.
    I don’t understand all the dramatics and fluff in your review. If you don’t like a cigar or think it’s over-rated, just say so. For about two sentences did you actually review the cigar. NOT mentioned: construction, burn or aroma; some of the things that someone wants to read about when looking through reviews.
    Your’e convoluted attempt of a review shows you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Do another 8 years smoking Cuban Davidoffs and try again.

    • Deficionado Post author

      Hey thanks for the advice Jimmy from New Jersey! You see, In my 8 years of writing I have never replied to criticisms that my reviews are bad because it usually doesn’t matter.

      Here’s why:


      Nobody knows who you are and no one gives a shit about your Facebook updates Jimmy.

      After writing and promoting cigars for the all the cigar vendors out there that don’t know how to market their own brand I decided to do something different with this particular write up on the Liga T52 robusto, and what I didn’t count on was an astute reader such as yourself would read my article and critique it like a keyboard warrior.

      For future reference: I really don’t have time to mention the construction, burn or aroma because I’m too busy being successful unlike yourself who most likely lives in his parents basement and scans the internet looking to add one-upper reply’s. Congratulations Jimmy from New Jersey keep getting that ridiculous Jersey Shore haircut every Friday and keep pretending that you’re special. F.Y.I. when one-upping a article on a website make sure you block your I.P. Address.

      • bstar28

        I’ve never responded to a criticism in 8 years, but let me go off on a rant on this one; oh and let me also childishly threaten you, make up a whole story to insult you and tell you I don’t have time to mention construction but I have time to make a review and respond to the comments of it.

        I feel like the more likely story is that you are about 15 years old, smoking your first cigar; and have probably never been laid if you think how many times you run has anything to do with that.

        • Deficionado Post author

          Nice come back hero I’m really impressed. I’m sure you’re gonna tell all of your 2.5 internet friends on reddit which you have never seen in person before “that I really made me that guy look stupid” so you can feel good about yourself for 8 seconds. As for my half-assed Liga Privada Review – who the fuck really cares because I don’t I’m actually thinking about banging my mistress right now, only pussies like you get offended by bad reviews. By the way dipshit my website has doubled traffic in the last 2 months, but the funny thing is I don’t give a fuck because I Don’t have too.

          Since you sound like a expert and you enjoy one upping people I did some digging on you and I noticed your god-awful twitter page Bstar28 . Also your taste of music is outstanding. If anyone’s reading this is, this is the best part take a look at Bstar28 user profile – – Great choice of music stud! Ah let’s see, you have George Michael and Queen – Somebody to Love (live) AAhhhhwww that’s special – sounds like you broke up with your BF when you saved this song. Oh but wait – there’s more…. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal.

          I can’t go on anymore I need to do something less painful like stick my dick in a toaster oven.

  • Mike

    What’s up with all this arguing over cigar reviews? If you have the money to do so, go online and buy different brands of samplers regardless of what C.A. and C.D. and any other person might say about the cigars, and just smoke them for yourself, and if it has a pleasant scent, nice wrapper, easy draw, doesn’t run or go out, wrapper doesn’t crack throughout the smoke, but most importantly, IF You Like How It Tastes, That’s All That Should Matter! We all have different taste profiles; you might taste roasted nuts, he might taste leather or earth, and I just taste pleasant or average or nasty bitter smoke. So how can the way C.A. or C.D. rates its smokes based on its taste buds have anything to do with your or mine, or anyone else. Problem is that majority of people can’t come up with their own decisions or opinions, or choices about anything by themselves without conforming with the trend of popular opinion. As for Drew Estate, if it needs oils to better the taste, then it shouldn’t be even in the same class as well as category as the great companies that only use the blending, fermenting, aging, rolling, and curing their cigars to achieve an amazing smoke!

  • Pete

    I like your style! And , I loved your review, although I have to disagree
    The T52 is a great stick. But just like with anything else,
    It’s all about what the individual likes.
    Before I started spending real money on cigars, I thought the
    Rocky Patel Edge was a good smoke, and honestly for a cigar
    Thats just around $5 , I think it still is.
    I know a lot of people (and you probably do to) that think
    Crown Royal Is the best shit out there, right?
    Well to me it taste like dog shit and I cant understand how people
    Drink that crap. I prefer Johnny Walker Black myself!
    We all have different tastes and I Think people who fall for
    The hype, on anything are idiots. Another good example would be
    The Alec Bradley Prensuado. So much damn hype and cigar of the year
    But I prefer the AB Tempus over it.
    From all the different cigars I have smoked, I would definitely
    Agree with you, NOTHING is as good as the Padrón Anniversarys!
    But I always love to try new cigars, it’s like a hobby,LOL.
    For myself, I just say this , my top 5 smokes are….
    1. Any Padrón Anniversary
    2. 3. 4. & 5 are in no particular order
    Liga Privada T52
    Oliva Serie V
    Alec Bradley Tempus
    Macanodo Robusto

  • fish

    I really liked the t52 and would buy them again I thought it was the best cigar i had ever smoked. I havent smoked every cigar available but i have had quite a few.

    • Deficionado Post author

      The Liga Privavda’s are a good cigar, but not anything special i think they are a solid 6 out of 10 just my opinion. The marketing and brainwashing has everyone believing that they are the best cigar in the world, and they are not. Any of the La Flor Dominicana DL maduro’s will blow away the Liga’s for half the price – bottom line. If you want to step up in the big league of cigars then the Padron 1926’s, and Padron Family Reserves are the best the cigar world has to offer.

  • Sean Schultz

    D, Great review and I love how you take the time to call out all those wannabes out there, and shoot from the hip. I also work in a cigar shop as you can tell if you go to our website, or fb etc. As for the t-52 itself, We do have them in stock and a little back stock, but I have been hesitant, due to the fact of I recently tried the Liga No. 9 and was thoroughly underimpressed thanks to all the hype. That being said, before anyone gets their panties all in a bunch, I am not saying it was a horrible cigar, just didn’t live up to the hype. I would also like to commend you on your love of Padron’s, you wanna talk OMG just made a mess in my pants land, that is where Padron sits with me. I do enjoy other Drew Estates, like the Uzi, I was shocked at how much I liked it. So in closing keep up the good work and the good fight of calling it like ya see it and not conforming to the hints of leather with a touch of ginger hoopla alot of reviewers use!