Hate Mail

Hate Mail

The following is hate mail that I’ve received from people who think I’m an asshole. All hate mail is unedited and presented in its entirety, unless noted otherwise :



Looks like I have some haters.

Posted August 19, 2012 at 3:56 PM

I came to this site to read about a cigar review. Instead I got to read a bunch of useless information that has made me dumber just by reading the above “review.”
No one really cares about how many miles a day you run or how you like to pick on children. Better yet, no one cares that you like to get laid (except probably your boyfriend).
Congratulations on being a self-proclaimed, well-connected person in the cigar-industry, too! You are the man! I hope this website gives you the attention that you clearly need.
I don’t understand all the dramatics and fluff in your review. If you don’t like a cigar or think it’s over-rated, just say so. For about two sentences did you actually review the cigar. NOT mentioned: construction, burn or aroma; some of the things that someone wants to read about when looking through reviews.
Your’e convoluted attempt of a review shows you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Do another 8 years smoking Cuban Davidoffs and try again.

Posted August 21, 2012 at 9:08 AM

Hey thanks for the advice Jimmy from New Jersey! You see, In my 8 years of writing I have never replied to criticisms that my reviews are bad because it usually doesn’t matter.

Here’s why:


Nobody knows who you are and no one gives a shit about your Facebook updates Jimmy.

After writing and promoting cigars for the all the cigar vendors out there that don’t know how to market their own brand I decided to do something different with this particular write up on the Liga T52 robusto, and what I didn’t count on was an astute reader such as yourself would read my article and critique it like a keyboard warrior.

For future reference: I really don’t have time to mention the construction, burn or aroma because I’m too busy being successful unlike yourself who most likely lives in his parents basement and scans the internet looking to add one-upper reply’s. Congratulations Jimmy from New Jersey keep getting that ridiculous Jersey Shore haircut every Friday and keep pretending that you’re special. F.Y.I. when one-upping a article on a website make sure you block your I.P. Address.



Posted March 7, 2013 at 8:54 AM

I’ve never responded to a criticism in 8 years, but let me go off on a rant on this one; oh and let me also childishly threaten you, make up a whole story to insult you and tell you I don’t have time to mention construction but I have time to make a review and respond to the comments of it.

I feel like the more likely story is that you are about 15 years old, smoking your first cigar; and have probably never been laid if you think how many times you run has anything to do with that.


Posted March 7, 2013 at 8:52 PM

Nice come back hero I’m really impressed. I’m sure you’re gonna tell all of your 2.5 internet friends on reddit which you have never seen in person before “that I really made me that guy look stupid” so you can feel good about yourself for 8 seconds. As for my half-assed Liga Privada Review – who the fuck really cares because I don’t I’m actually thinking about banging my mistress right now, only pussies like you get offended by bad reviews. By the way dipshit my website has doubled traffic in the last 2 months, but the funny thing is I don’t give a fuck because I Don’t have too.

Since you sound like a expert and you enjoy one upping people I did some digging on you and I noticed your god-awful twitter page Bstar28 https://twitter.com/bstar28 . Also your taste of music is outstanding. If anyone’s reading this is, this is the best part take a look at Bstar28 user profile –http://www.last.fm/user/bstar28 – Great choice of music stud! Ah let’s see, you have George Michael and Queen – Somebody to Love (live) AAhhhhwww that’s special – sounds like you broke up with your BF when you saved this song. Oh but wait – there’s more…. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal.

I can’t go on anymore I need to do something less painful like stick my dick in a toaster oven.



andyxx@yahoo.com wrote:

I wrote to you before about the Alec Bradley M23 cigars and I thought I would
at least get an acknowlegement but apperantly this is wishful thinking. The
cigar is way stronger then the advertised medium you say it is. It burns
uneven and on some you have to puff almost all the time to keep it lit. On
several of them it appears the center is wood instead cigar leaves. Instead
of flicking the ash off, you almost have to break the ash off. I really wish
I could e-mail all your costumers to warn them not to buy them. An answer
still would be appreciated.

From: xxxxCigars
To: andy3xx@yahoo.com
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:57AM

Subject: Re: [Contact Us] Lousy cigars

Get ready here is the response you have been waiting for in regards to your fabulous email.Thanks for the email sounds like you’re a expert just like everyone else on the internet – congratulations you’re mediocre. Since you are in the mood for crying and need attention here is the email to the Alec Bradley factory “VP of sales george@alecbradley.com” , maybe you will get a response from them on why you didn’t like their cigars. We just sell the cigars we do not make them.I’m wondering how many times you wrote this kind of email to a business and then the business turned around and kissed your ass for being a idiot – I’m betting a lot.You can dish it out let’s see if you can take it !

“The Owner”P.S. Feel free to forward this email


On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 17:32:22 -0700 (PDT),

andy weyershaeuser wrote:

I did get your attention and thanks for the answer. Reading this shows me that their are still idiots, morons and mental midgets that are running businesses and you call yourself an owner. I thought at least you would forward the e-mail to the factory that makes these cigars but then again after reading your answer I am wondering how you stay in business.You bet your “ass”, using your terminology, that I will forward your answer to every cigar smoker I know so they know in advance what a to expect when dealing you and your company. Yes I an crying and whining that there are people like you function as legit businees owners.


From: xxxxCigars

To: andy weyershaeuser

Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 10:57 AM

Subject: Re: [Contact Us] Lousy cigars

I used to write my e-mails like you , but i didn’t want a job mixing concert anymore. Do me a favor if you’re going to post my email to the web then at least put yours in there so all of your 2 1/2 internet friends know why I responded like that which I doubt you will do.We have shipped over 3,000 orders in the last year, and believe it or not you are the first one to complain like this, “with all honestly you really are the first”.We’re going to give you an award for being the first to complain this year, and we’re going to called it “The Vagina of the month award”.Congratulations!


On Wed, 24 Aug 2011 18:54:13 -0700 (PDT),

andy weyershaeuser wrote:

If I had any doubts before I now know you are an ASS  HOLE:



Subject: Re: [Contact Us] Lousy cigars

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 12:02:22 -0400

From: xx Cigars <info@xxxcigars.com>

To: andy weyershaeuser <andyxx@yahoo.com>

Nice that’s a great compliment coming from a expert critique artist such as yourself. In your prior e-mails you almost sounded like you knew what your were talking about – Keyword “almost”, but since you have displayed pure pussyism I will critique you now. Just in-case you don’t know what the word pussyism means look below.

Pussyism : a disorder that makes you a total cry ass or “pussy” that results in people making fun of you. Example: Andy talks a big game in his e-mails but when it comes down to it he has pussyism.

My critiques to you get a pencil and note pad out:

1.  If you’re going to send e-mails to businesses and complain make sure you know what you are talking about, so you don’t sound like a vagina – you sound like a vagina.

2. When writing hate mail, or complaining try to sound smart and actually do your research before you hit the send tab which you have not done – you obviously failed this part.

3. When trying to be the aggressor on the internet make sure you win the argument because when you go out of your way to be a idiot and lose the argument you sound like a amateur – you sound like a amateur.

4. When you call someone a asshole make sure you spell it right. The word asshole is not two words it’s one word dip-shit.

5. I can’t go on anymore because I have a lot of shit to do like being successful.



Looks like another broad needs attention !!

From: Amber <Ambbxxx@aol.com>
Subject: Re: women suck at the gym article

Message Body:
Fuck you, you piece of shit dumb ass American douche bag. I’m not only a female athlete, I’m also a graduate of a prestigious kinesiology program; alas, I was a personal trainer for 5 years. I also ran track and cc in college. I also kick some major ass in the gym. Not to mention that I’m confident and strong and have a kick ass body that I’ve worked hard to mold into a damn near perfect machine. Newsflash….I don’t go to the gym for asshole pricks like you. I bet your a real fucking loser with mommy issues and you’re probably a whore magnet because that’s all you can score to have your little dick sucked. Your top 10 was sexist and for a women that loves strong sexy men, your a fucking loser!

To: Amber <Ambbxxx@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Re: women suck at the gym article

From:  xxxxx@yahoo.com


Really a female athlete? Are you on a sports team, or even a kick ball team? Well since you called me a dumb ass American douche bag that means you’re not American and probably from some lame ass Country.   If you’re not from America that means you have fucked up teeth,  so it really doesn’t matter how many times you go to the gym, or make yourself throw up to get attention;  you will always have a jacked up face and you can’t fix that .  Here’s a tip for you –  instead of  paying for a gym membership take that money you probably didn’t earn in the first place; and buy some braces.

Also if my website makes you cry like a 13yr old girl use this it will help.

Response to My Fat Chick Vs Hot Chicks write up

Fat Chicks – VS – Hot Chicks – 34 (Manchester )

Monday, April 19, 2010 5:05 PM

From: “patti” <lexuswissh@aol.com>

To: xxxxx <xxxxx@yahoo.com>

Yeah, I’m going to continue with the bashing …. How dare you stereotype every woman who happens to be hot as shallow & materialistic … you have no clue !!! All of this garbage is coming from someone who is miserable with life & got burned by a hot woman !!! Why don’t you show your true self you coward, so that we can place judgment on you….

RE: Fat Chicks – VS – Hot Chicks – 34 (Manchester )

From:  xxxx <xxxx@yahoo.com>

To: lexuswissh@aol.com

That’s a great point that you made detective.  I’m truly happy that you have enough self esteem to respond to the Fat Chicks Vs Hot Chicks write up you must feel like you are standing up for train-wreck women across the country – congratulations !!  You obviously fall into one of the categories. Keep up the great work!! From now on I will call you detective douche bag.


Response to My Facebook Write up

From: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
To: xxxxx <xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 4:25:24 PM
Subject: You Suck

Listen little boy just because you’re a asshole dosnt mean you have to make fun of facebook. Besides you couldn’t afford me anyways.

From: xxxx<xxxxxl@yahoo.com>
To: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 4:50:49 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

I can afford you, how about I give you a 20 dollar bill and I’ll  film you sucking some homeless guys dick. I’ll put it on Facebook and youtube so all of your so called friends can see how pathetic you are. You’ll be famous !!

From: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
To:xxxx <xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 4:55:24 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

Listen little boy just because you couldn’t get laid with a 1,000.00 bill, maybe you should try the extend pill but I doubt you could even satisfy the nasty woman out there even with the piull, it’s called being a man and clearly you are not one, maybe someday but…..I seriously doubt it.  Sorry.

From: xxxxx <xxxxxxxl@yahoo.com>
To: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 5:17:04 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

The funny thing is I doubt you will ever see a $1000.00 bill in your life time because the fact of the matter is, you most likely have 3 kids from 3 different fathers; or you will in the near future. I have news for you hunni, guys don’t want to date train wrecks like you. At best you might find a guy with low self esteem as yourself to have a one night stand with you, but after hears you complain about everything he will leave you like every other guy has. Also you’re from NH, so that means you’re much more of a self centered attention-whore that daddy didn’t pay attention to growing up! Facebook that dip-shit

From: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
To: xxxxx<xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 5:25:00 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

How old are you 15? I make a 1,000.00 a week but being a small minded, dickless fuck you couldn’t understand. I’m old enough to be you mother and your lucky I’m not, I would beat your ass. Soi really what does that say about your mother? Not much, obviously she sucked at raising you. You know what you need? A blanket party and I’ll be the host, but I really doubt you even know what that is, your simple minded, I feel sorry for you, It must suck being in a mans body and not being one. Put that on your facebook little boy!!!!!


From: xxxxx<xxxxx@yahoo.com>
To: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 5:47:50 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

Wow $1000.00 a week; I didn’t know that Qizno’s paid that good. A blanket party ? It’s sounds like something that you would do after you bring home a few drunks from the local Chinese dive bar; only after singing shitty karaoke 80’s songs for 4hrs straight.  I have to admit sometimes it sucks being so manly as myself because every now and then I come across, self centered, pathetic train-wrecks as you, but then i say to myself, “Oh well at least I don’t have to talk to this idiot in person” then I feel grateful and then life gets better.


From: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
To: xxxxx<xxxxx@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 6:09:16 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

If someone as low life as you you’d need a dctionary to understand the words coming out of my mouth. Ever heard of the crypts? They give blanket partys for people like you, now I know why they do it, your a waste of air and NEVER will be a man even with a strap on, want some ice for that burn little boy?


From: xxxx <xxxxx@yahoo.com>
To: Crystal Snow <logansnow23@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 6:52:43 PM
Subject: Re: You Suck

Crypts are you talking about cripple people? They’re ok until  they start complaining about everything like you do. I wish i had a crypt sticker so I can park my car close to store entrances, it’s so not fair. That’s great that you have sex with cripple people during blanket parties,  you definitely sound like a train-wreck now.  I would love some ice it’s a hot day out while your at it pick me up a 30 Pack of Bud-lights. Since you live in the Section 8 Housing you might as well pick me up some 40’s of OLD E home-girl and some Newport cigarettes .

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