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*Stupidity Clause: You better not be from Russia, I don’t want to be your Russian Pen-pale; go get eating by a polar bear. Also don’t spam me with porno shit, Viagra, cheap Rolex watches, or hey whats up, nobody falls for those links anymore  come up with some original ideas to fuck people over with. Also WE DO NOT DONATE TO CHARITIES.


  • I don’t feel sorry for being successful
  • Most all Charities are total bullshit and a lie
  • Go ask Comrade Obama I’m sure he will hook you up with all of our taxpayers money if he has any left.

Contact information: *Note: Due to the overwhelming volume of email I’ve been receiving, if you have something that needs an immediate or time-dated response, please refer to one of the following:

1. If you are from the media
If you’re from the media and need to get a hold of me for an interview or any other reason, type “media” in the subject line of your email

2. If you want to contact us for:

  • Advertisement
  • General Bullshit
  • You just got out of a serious relationship and you are a hot chick
  • Fan Mail
  • Hate Mail

Please make sure you put in your subject line: Advertisement, General Bullshit, horny hot chick,hate mail, fan mail

Stupidity Clause #2: If your sending hate mail put “Hate Mail ” In the Subject line moron. If your sending Fan Mail Put “Fan Mail” in the Subject line.

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