Best Premium USA made E-liquid and Vape Information

Alright so you own a vape what now?



If you like to vape you’ll eventually figure out that some e-juices will taste better than others in your set up. Most E-liquids preform differently in different sets ups. Confused yet? Well here is a basic run down to help you out.


PG/VG mix E-liquid what the hell is this?

Raging Rooster E Liquid - Cinnabomb Crunch 30ML Glass

PG Propylene Glycol “FOOD GRADE” and VG Vegetable Glycerin “FOOD GRADE” the PG is a bonding agent that is use in foods like salad dressing, soft drinks, or Doritos for a example. The PG is used to bond and hold all the ingredients together, so the batch will stay together if this makes sense. The PG creates a throat hit like a cigarette. The VG creates the vapor or clouds and adds smoothness to the vape clouds. All e-liquid has a mix of PG/VG. There is also food grade flavoring in the e-liquid along with nicotine. All E-liquid contains VG/PG and food flavoring. Nicotine levels usually range in MG’s (milligrams) 0MG means zero nicotine, 3MG means light nicotine, 6mgs Medium nicotine, 12 Medium strong nicotine, 18mg strong nicotine, 24mg way too much nicotine. Be careful of the % use for the nicotine levels because % are misleading. Most gas stations, heapshops, or bush league vape retailers will have the % on the nicotine levels. Example  2.4% seams pretty low right? 2.4% is actually very strong – meaning 24mg (Strong as Hell),  or 1.2% is 12mg meaning medium strength. Stay away from 2.4% nicotine.


Here’s a simple breakdown of the vape devices on the market. 

An E-cig is broken down into 3 parts.   Batteries, Coils, and Tanks.




#1 Battery: Generally the Battery is sort of  like a cellphone battery, its a lithium ion battery that  holds a charge and gives off current when the button is pressed. Almost like a flashlight. There are different sizes of the batteries 650, 1100, 1300, 2200, and so on. Basically the high the number 1300mah means Milli Ampere Hours. The more mAH the longer the battery will last.



aspire ecig tank



#2 Tank: The tank holds the E Liquid. You will want to use a glass tank, plastic tanks are garbage they always leak and sometimes the plastic will mix with your e-juice. Not good.  Aspire Nautilus tanks are a good upgrade for a tradition e-cig pen.





#3 Coils or Atomizers:  Coils are the heating elements inside the tank. The coils generally are not interchangeable. You will need to change the coils out every 1.5 – 2 weeks depending on how hard and long you hit the vaping device. The higher nicotine levels you use the faster you will need to change the coils. Always wait 5-10 mins before you start vaping if you just changed your coils out.


Types of E-cigs on the market. 

These are the 3 major devices on the market.


Bad – E-cig Pens:

bad e-cig pen



If you have a gas station e-cig, then you’re pretty much screwed. The gas station e-cig pens really don’t perform well, you’ll need high nicotine levels like 18MG or 24mgs to feel the hit and chill your nicotine cravings. The thing about the gas station e-cigs is that they are outdated in most cases, almost up to 2 years behind the vaping community standards. You will need a very thin e-liquid to perform a 50vg/50pg mix or more PG in the mix. You should plan on upgrading to something better if you want to quit cigarettes.


Good E-Cig Pens:



Good E-cig pens are generally are made from Aspire, Kanger and others new to the market. The Aspire, or Kanger kits will perform better and actually work great once you know how to use them.




Box Mods:

box mod

A Box mod is a vaping device that adjusts the wattage and voltage to get a better vaping experience. The Box mods compared to E-cig styles are nigh and day. Once you try a box mod you will throw away your gas station e-cig pen. Box mods are geared for a higher VG based E-liquid, so you can blow more clouds with a tons of flavors. The good news is that the new box mods are geared for novice users, so anyone can use them. If you’re thinking of getting a box mod, you will have to use a SUb-Ohm Tank or rebuild dripper. It’s not a big deal trust me anyone can do it. The Box mods can use any type of tank, but if you want to have the full vaping experience you should get a Sub- Ohm Tank like the Artic tank that uses a .05 ohm coil or lower.



Mechanical Mods:



 Is that a light-saber i see you with? No it’s just a copper tube with high drain 18650 batteries and a dripper. The deal with Mech Mods is you don’t need them right now. The Mechanical Mods are for hobbyist that likes to tinker and build their own coils. The Mechanical Mods users generally take it to a whole other level of vaping. These Mechanical Mods users generally traditionalist and use vaping as a extreme sport sometimes or tend to just have fun with it. With the latest box mods on the market work just as good or better in some cases.


E Liquid, E Juice, Or Liquid Nicotine 


Some of the best USA premium mad E Liquid we have reviewed This month. Give these a shot you will not be disappointed these e liquids are totally worth the extra money.

F-bomb E-liquid – ( Cherry Guava Flavor)

Angry Mikes Furious Fruit E-liquid – (Fruity Flavors)

Angry Mikes Meltdown Mikey E-liquid (Strawberry Yogurt Flavors)

Raging Rooster FML E-liquid  (Grape CoolAid with mix of Apples)

Tropic Vapes Honeyberry E-liquid  (Honey Dew Melons and Blue Berry Creamy)

Tropic Vapes Maui Wowie E-liquid  (Pineapples and Tropical Fruit)

Tropic Vapes Strawberry Sunrise  (Super smooth with just the right amount of strawberries)

Honey and Hand Grenades (Honey and Berries)

Vape Fuel Vanilla Infusion E-juice (loads of vanilla cupcake vape goodness)

Vape Fuel Tripp’n Orange E-liquid (cereal flavors a orange vape goodness)

Vape Fuel Tripp’n Lemon E-liquid  (cereal flavors a lemon vape goodness)

Raging Rooster E-liquid  Cinnabomb Crunch (cereal flavors with a Cinnamon toast crunch Flavor)

Raging Rooster Captain Berries E-liquid (cereal flavors with a Captain crunch Flavor)

Pure Cereal Loops E-liquid (cereal flavors with a Fruit Loops Flavor)

Pure E Liquid Nirvana Roll E-liquid (Cinnamon Roll flavor)

Righteous Juice Gnarly Dew E-liquid (Creamy honey dew melon Flavors)

Righteous Juice Surfer on Acid  E-liquid (Cherry Guava, Strawberry, Banana Flavor)

Righteous Juice Radical Berries E-liquid (Fresh Raspberries and a hint of sour sugar mix)